SpaRitual Handprint Hand Serum

Every so often you discover a product that you cannot get enough of. Sparitual‘s Handprint Serum is exactly that.

It’s a real intensive moisturiser, boasting 72% organic ingredients. SpaRitual state it’s effective in slowing the ageing process and restores the skin’s elasticity alongside minimising fine lines, loose/thin skin and age spots.

But what we all want to know is, does it work? Annoyingly I didn’t do a before shot and I wish I had but my skin instantly felt softer and really silky.  It advises to use twice daily in the morning and evening and it’s impressive how quickly it works. Even after a whole day, including walking around in the bitter cold, my hands still soft and hydrated by the evening. My skin didn’t feel tight at all, like it normally would when coming in from the cold. I can see why this is a best seller.

The smell is delicate and has a powerful ginger scent with an underlying apple fragrance. It’s really quite delicious and nothing is overpowering. Texture-wise, this serum is so light and absorbent. A tiny pump goes a long way and it disappears in seconds, leaving no greasy or stickiness.

Here comes the science bit

Okay so maybe not hugely scientific but I was thinking of that advert from years ago that annoyed us all.

The key ingredients in the serum are swiss apple stem cell, to improve skin vitality and Aloe Ferox lifts and plumps. Licorice extract brightens while the organic ginger root extract helps hydrate among other things. Finally, organic pumpkin seed extract is my favourite ingredient when making beauty products at home as it smooths, improves tone and elasticity with collagen-building enzymes.

I have to say it would make a wonderful present if combined with the Handprint Hand Salve.

Read my review on SpaRitual.


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