Slow beauty for a fast world

Rhythm_DisplayWhen I trained as a nail technician, I fell in love with SpaRitual. A luxurious and glamorous brand and what made it so much more attractive was the fact it’s 100% vegan.

Especially with nail lacquer, it’s hard to find products that are completely free of animal products. Most “cruelty free” products still contain beeswax and although there are alternatives, such as jojoba wax, it’s a shame more companies don’t utilise this in their products.

Another spine chilling thing I learned about lacquer may make you want to throw away all your glitters and shimmers. Are you ready?

The industry standard is to use fish scales. Yes. The scales from a fish.

Is that worth it? Not really, SpaRitual prefer minerals which give the same effect. You won’t find any beeswax either as soy-based wax provides the same results. In short, there’s plenty of animal ingredients in our everyday beauty products and these are just two examples. This is why I want to promote SpaRitual.

Shel Pink

Founded by Shel Pink in 2004, she wanted to create an organic, sustainable and fair trade vegan range and she has definitely picked up on a gap in the market. The main focus is to create a brand that will honour the mind, body and spirit.

The product range has been broken down into four states of slow beauty:

Close Your Eyes

Look Inside

[Find your] Instinctual [self]

[Be] Infinitely Loving

SpaRitual Products

My personal favourite is the Look Inside range as I adore Frankincense and its earthy tones. Close Your Eyes features a cooling Egyptian Geranium, Instinctual’s signature scent is a spicy, Indonesian Ginger and finally, Infinitely Loving uses a calming Chinese Jasmine.

I am addicted to their Look Inside scrub masque. The scent lingers for hours and it’s so natural. Not a single plastic-y, synthetic smell will pass your nostrils.

Read my full review on their most popular product, Handprint Hand Serum, which is designed –  successfully – to give younger looking skin and adds so much moisture it made my hands feel lovely.

I am positively drooling at Rhythm, their new 2015 lacquer range (pictured below). Pastels and muted tones look stunning on any skin tone and I will fight dirty to get a hold of Pattern with it’s delightful subtle colour running through it. Groove and Vibration would look beautiful polka dotted together.

Slow beauty for a fast world

Their motto perfectly matches what they are trying to represent. Their products are beautiful, smell divine and do exactly what they promote, all without harming a living being or funding the ability to.

Kudos to SpaRitual and the gang!



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