Barry M’s Lash Vegas and Natural Glow Palette

I’m slowly updating my make up collection with vegan suitable products. My first purchase (aside from Spa Ritual) was a couple of products from Barry M; affordable and on the high street.

Lash Vegas Fibres Barry MLash Vegas (Fibre)

I always find it a struggle to find a good mascara that gives some volume and doesn’t clump. The brush works wonders on upper and lower lashes and despite being a thick cream, it doesn’t bung the lashes together.

The bottom lashes separate easily and instantly look thicker and longer. I did have to apply two coats to the top lashes and also ran the brush under and on top of the lashs using a zig zag motion. One good thing to come from this was that unlike with other thick mascaras, it maintains a smooth coating and the brush removes any clumps. It is dark enough to open the eye and doesn’t flake off during the day.

Natural Glow 1 – Eyeshadow palette

I found the ranges suitable for vegans were not overly impressive. I guess you could add to your shadows with natural_glow_palette_Barry Mthe dazzle dusts and mono shadows (the E10 silver is not vegan suitable) but the natural glow collection is more natural than glow.

Perhaps with a cream or primer underneath, the colour might be more prominent but the lighter colours barely make any impression and the darker colours look a bit cheap when normally, browns and greys are suitable for my skin tone. I was a bit disappointed and had to build up the colours quite heavily for it to look decent. On a plus side, once you get the desired tone, they do remain for the day or evening and they do make for a nice base if you wanted to add some colour from the other shadow ranges.

Do you use Barry M? What are your thoughts?


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