Vegan Dinner Idea Of The Week

I discovered this while hunting for a new and quick vegan dinner idea. I am now totally addicted and it can be adapted to whatever leftover vegetables you have in the kitchen. 

I’ve avoided tofu for so long but now feeling more adventurous and this recipe cooks it in a way that gives a lovely, crispy texture. The sticky sauce and steamed broccoli adds to the flavour and it really is very simple and yummy. I left out the sherry and used a veggie/gluten free stock cube with tamara sauce instead of soy sauce and used chopped chilli instead of crushed red pepper. I have also tried this recipe with aubergine instead of broccoli and although it worked, I would add less broth as it didn’t evaporate as much when steaming the broccoli.

Click here for the full recipe at Eating Well. Let me know how you get on in the comment section below.


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