Earthlings – a documentary by Nation Earth

Since its released in 2005, it has opened the minds of many; its shocking and disturbing images have been hugely thought-provoking. Earthlings, directed, written and produced by Shaun Monson, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and with a soundtrack by prolific musician, Moby, has been widely spoken about as being a “vegan converter” and that is quite a believable statement.

Split into five chapters reviewing animals as pets, meat, clothing, sport and entertainment showing undercover footage of the horrific goings on behind these industries. This is not for the faint of heart and shows shocking images of how arrogant mankind has become. I vow one person to watch this and not feel some kind of disgust for the people who believe animals are of a lower form of creature to humans.

Earthlings discusses the term speiciest – a person who believes a species different to their own is of lesser value – and there are many quotes used within this film that make a strong point. One thing everyone can agree on is that within this documentary is shocking footage and immensely distressing images. I cried from the very beginning and as it went on, the upset turned to horror and then anger.

Earthlings,  Joaquin Phoenix

I became vegan because I feel it’s better for the environment and one’s health. I have never felt it necessary to eat meat and believe we can live without meat in our diets quite happily – I have done since I was 12 years old. Additionally, I will always adopt a pet as we shouldn’t be buying into the breeding industry when there are so many poorly teated and/or discarded animals that need to be loved. After Earthlings enlightened me, I am fully against it instead of merely disagreeing.

Earthlings shows in great detail the horrors and reality behind these industries and we, as a species, hide behind our ignorance. The standard response when discussing slaughterhouses is “I don’t want to know, I know it goes on but I just can’t think about it.” This is the wrong way to behave. We cannot just turn our backs and pretend it isn’t happening. We need to react to the torture and cruelty and we can only begin this by educating ourselves.

Earthlings is, without a doubt, deeply disturbing however, I recommend we all watch it in order to know EXACTLY how the leather was made for that jacket you just bought or where that dog ended up that you couldn’t be bothered to care for anymore.

And finally, if you think meat is so amazing, why are you so afraid to see how it came to be on your plate?

Click here to watch Earthlings in its entirety.


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