Redbush Tea Company

I managed to get hold of a free sample of rooibos tea by the Redbush Tea Company in three enticing flavours: Original, Chai and Citrus.

I’ve never been a huge fan of rooibos tea. I’ve found it to have a strange taste. It is a pretty exceptional tea though. It has powerful antioxidants, a high mineral content, improves circulation and aids stomach issues such as cramps and indigestion.

Plus, unlike other black teas, it aids absorption of iron rather than preventing. The list goes on but it’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

So because of this, I decided to give it another shot. Although it is recommended to drink black, I used a bit of unsweetened soya milk and I am converted! The original is definitely my favourite as I’ve never been a chai fan. I still wouldn’t drink this black and I am tucking into the refreshing citrus blend as I type this; it’s still yummy with black. Like I said, I have tried previous brands of tea but I find the Redbush company to be less potent and very subtle, plus they support the Kalahari Bushmen.

The Western world have spent millions on the South African plant and it was reported that farmer’s livelihoods were under threat due to climate change. There is extensive research being conducted on how to make a sustainable harvest and you can read more on the sustainable harvest of rooibos tea here.

I still think rooibos tea is an acquired taste but if you’re looking for a caffeine alternative, it’s worth a try.


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