Review: Handmade Burger Co

So my other half and I took an impromptu afternoon out over the weekend and inevitably, our tummies started to rumble so we searched for somewhere to eat. We approached a rather classy looking restaurant and I saw it was the Handmade Burger Co. What attracted me instantly was the fact that vegans had a CHOICE here. So a table for two was grabbed straight away.

What’s exciting is that there are four (yes four!) vegan burger options, a vegan skewer and two vegan salads. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a burger joint where I had to think about what I wanted. Normally there’s only one veggie burger that is either made with cheese or covered in breadcrumbs (I’m also gluten-free) so this was a mega exciting time for me.

They also have a separate gluten-free menu and thankfully, this includes all the vegan possibilities too.

I opted for a cajun vegetable and bean burger on a gluten-free bun and we ordered a side of chips. What I will say is that if we are paying £8 for just the burger and an additional £3 for the chips, then we really shouldn’t be charged 85p for a dip that probably only cost a couple of quid for a massive vat of the stuff.

Gluten free bun

Anyway, my burger arrived and it was quite sweet to see my bun was individually wrapped (to avoid cross-contamination) so I had to unwrap it and make up my own burger. It was only when I was halfway through that I glanced at the ingredients on the back and saw that the bun contained egg! A bit frustrating and I never even thought to ask. A plus point though is that if you choose to forgo the bun, you can replace it with a SFV side salad so they have covered themselves.


Now for the actual food; amazing. So filling and full of flavour. The chips were a total delight as they were handmade, not greasy and we chose a sweet chilli dip that had a lot of bite.The burger was served with good looking lettuce, tomato and onion; not like that limp crap you normally get in a place like Weatherspoons. Their own relish was sweet and immensely moreish when combined with the spicy cajun burger.


On the whole, I was hugely impressed and it’s a great choice for a group of vegans and non-vegans as it caters well for all. A true fan – if they would just get rid of the egg in the burger, that would be fantastic.


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