Vote for the first national bird of Britain

Ornithologist David Lindo – author of The Urban Birder – has decided that it’s high time Britain had its own national bird and the RSPB has backed this claim by declaring the lack of a national bird is a “glaring omission”.

Ten birds have been nominated from an original list of 60 iconic British birds that were voted on last year. Choose from: barn owl, blackbird, blue tit, hen harrier, kingfisher, mute swan, puffin, red kite, robin and wren.

The robin has emerged as an early favourite, but Lindo, who is backing the blackbird, told Today: “People consider the robin as a British bird – but [like] a lot of our native birds… some of the population move south to Iberia for the winter and are replaced by immigrants from the continent.

“So the robin you see in your back garden during winter is not necessarily British born.”

The online voting is now live and will close at midnight May 7th 2015 – the date of the General Election. Britain’s National Bird will be announced thereafter.

My personal choice was extremely difficult. I felt the Blackbird was such a popular bird however the Swan is closely linked to the Crown, which is obviously extremely British. I have finally settled on the Kingfisher; he’s a beautiful and well populated creature living on our riverbanks. Just look at the handsome wee thing.


So click here to vote for Britain’s National Bird and follow the process on Twitter.


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