Let’s fight against climate change before it’s too late

Whilst climate change seems to be all the rage in the manifestos of politicians up and down the country, it made me think about what can we actively be doing more of to combat the damage we’re doing? It’s all very well discussing the issue and providing convincing lip service however what is the current situation with climate change?

David Johnston (Earthtalk.org) spoke with Scientific American and thankfully confirms that we are yet to go beyond help. We can still take action against this issue.

“Currently the atmospheric concentration of CO2 (the leading greenhouse gas) is approximately 398.55 parts per million (ppm). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the federal scientific agency tasked with monitoring the health of our oceans and atmosphere, the current average annual rate of increase of 1.92 ppm means we could reach the point of no return by 2042.” [Excerpt from Scientific American]

Greenpeace have been famously fighting the good fight against deforestation, carbon poisoning and the banning of non-renewable fuels, in particular, coal (read more about this story here). Despite Greenpeace estimating the planet will go “beyond the point of no return” by 2020, we can all act now and help extend this prediction, hopefully setting an example for future generations to care more.

Reducing your carbon footprint to help protect our planet is pretty easy and some things don’t take much thought but will benefit the planet greatly. If we all do one small change, such as turning off a light, it will lead to big things; plus it proves we don’t have to rely on Parliament to make promises they can’t keep.

Head over to the WWF Footprint Calculator to see what your footprint is like and sign up to gain tips on how to reduce it.

WWF footprint calculator


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