Save our wind farms from the Tories

Tories aren’t making a great start in Government, what with destroying the countries NHS and repealing the fox hunting ban. Well now there’s talk of them pulling the existing subsidy scheme for onshore wind power a year early. 

It’s so important that we try to reduce our use of fossil fuels and wind and tidal energy are fantastic renewable sources and have impressive statistics surrounding them. Renewable UK say there are around 2000 off shore wind turbines and 5000 onshore that power in the region of 7,114,000 homes. That’s impressive, is it not?

The figures don’t stop there; one tonne of coal can produce around 1.657 kilowatts per hour (KwH). The equivalent to wind energy produces 28,434,000,000kWh so in perspective, that’s powering around 6.7 million homes.

It’s not just better value and kinder to the environment either. UK Renewables reveal that since 2010, employment figures in the wind and tidal industry have risen by 70%.

The only real issue behind them is people not wanting them all across the countryside. Case in point, last year, Donald Trump tried to prevent plans to build an onshore wind farm near his golf course. Thankfully he lost but read the story over at The Guardian. I find something quite empowering about their look anyway and let’s face it, what’s our alternative? Burn fossil fuels until we destroy the ozone layer and walk about with gas masks and oxygen tanks?

You can’t deny that the first picture below is far nicer than the second.



Tell me again, what’s unattractive about them?

According to Renewable UK: Onshore wind farms reduce CO2 emissions, provide energy security, and contribute to the local and national economy. Research conducted by RenewableUK and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has shown that for each installed megawatt (MW), around £100,000 stays in the community during the lifetime of a project – see more at Renewable UK’s website.

Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for energy and climate, said in a statement that: “We promised people clean, affordable and secure energy supplies and that’s what I’m going to deliver. We’ll focus support on renewables when they’re starting up – getting a good deal for billpayers is the top priority.”

The government has already laid out the other part of its crackdown on onshore windfarms, using the Queen’s speech to announce that the energy bill will give local communities an effective veto over new ones. Onshore wind is considered by most authorities to be the cheapest form of renewable power in the UK.”

Amber Rudd, I ask you what’s the point in getting us the best deal when your removal of funding only brings in more poisonous fossil fuels and destroys our environment?


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