Love our planet this Valentine’s Day

2016 is most definitely the year for love. Well, for me anyway as come August, I will have a husband and become a wife! (I have requested my spouse wear a faux fur sporran on the big day). Valentine’s Day is also fast approaching us and WWF alerted me to the Climate Coalition‘s For The Love Of… campaign. 

Taking place on Valentine’s Day, the idea is to make a green heart: sew, bake, cross stitch, colour, cut…it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that this little green heart is going to show others that you want to talk about what you love most about our planet that is threatened by climate change.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 21.45.42


What I think is fantastic is that there is no product to buy to show your support, essentially that would cause more damage to the climate and make the whole campaign somewhat redundant. You can make your heart our of anything and give it to someone or wear it yourself, just make sure you are talking about how to combat climate change.

There’s a few ideas over at the For The Love Of website; I think I’d like to make a few to wear and give out to others in the hope to ignite a conversation.

What I will be wearing my heart for on Valentine’s Day? The wildlife, I can’t bear the thought of the increasing decline of our wildlife due to the destruction of our countryside for more roads, buildings and people; causing more pollution and wiping out our beautiful bumble bee (among others).

Share in the comments why you will be wearing your green heart and how you are making one. Use the hash tag #fortheloveof to show off your handmade heart and tweet me as I have a brand new twitter: @greenvegans1



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