Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream

I may have to shout this: BEN AND JERRY’S NEW VEGAN ICE CREAM LOOKS ABSOLUTELY LUSH! But guess what? It’s only available in the United States.


I’m glad Joaquin Phoenix agrees with me. Why do companies do this? Quorn release a whole new vegan range, but you can only buy it in certain supermarkets.

All four of these almond-based ice creams look absolutely yummy. Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, PB and Cookies and Coffee Caramel Fudge.

If I don’t get a taste of that Coffee Caramel Fudge then I am literally going to cry, or explode…or just send them an angry tweet.

The Metro reported that Lindsay Bumps, a spokesperson for Ben and Jerry said: “As far as the UK… you never know what the future holds!” Well, Lindsay, I know what the future holds – a lack of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in my freezer!

Maybe we should lobby to get these delicious-looking creations into the UK and beyond. It’s unfair the US gets to hog all the yummy scrummy goodness.

What do you think? Comment below.

(N.B. This is satire, I am not endorsing lobbying for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to be released over here any quicker than intended :p)


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