Skincere Night Cream

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how using products with gluten, dairy, preservatives, and other nasties is just as harmful to your body as ingesting them. I make a few of my own products and there’s been a real improvement in my skin: plumper, softer, brighter and clearer, but making products, although enjoyable, is time consuming and can be expensive. So when Holland and Barrett plopped Skincere Night Cream on my doormat to try, I was very optimistic.

Free from preservatives, alcohol, wheat, soya, dairy and synthetic fragrance, you know it’s going to do good things. I’m gluten and lactose intolerant and naturally avoiding these products in my food has become a natural process; being vegan makes avoiding lactose a lot easier obviously and my beauty products are cruelty free. However, I never thought to avoid something like gluten/wheat in products for external use.

Thankfully, I have not been disappointed. Skincere Night Cream is silky soft and glides across the skin, sinking in and almost evaporating like water. True to this, my skin felt so hydrated, and this hydration will mean fine lines start to plump out and disappear!!!! That last part was a joke, growing old gracefully is a beautiful experience however minimising wrinkles is important considering I’m turning 32 this year and planning a wedding. It has a delicious “vintage” scent, nothing that smells plasticky or overpowering, it’s just incredibly natural. This completely natural product will be great for vegans, those who love natural products and especially for those with sensitive skin. It’s a total no brainer.

There’s something about the cream’s consistency that would make it great for winter and summer use. I always advise those that ask to use a light cream in the summer and a heavy, thick cream in winter however, Skincere has a perfect balance between thick and light. Goldilocks’s perfect bowl, if you will.

My fiancé had a bout of very dry skin recently, due to the cold weather as he works outside, so he tried Skincere and remarked his skin felt less tight straight away. It’s a good gender-neutral product  especially with the packaging being green against white.

I normally try to give a least one constructive point in my reviews, especially when I am obsessed with a new product but I actually can’t find one here. It’s not a cheap cream though, priced at £24.99. Just gave up a few of your weekly double-frappo-over-conceited-cappuccino-coffees for a couple of weeks, then you can treat yourself! Job done!

Skincere is definitely the new addition to my skincare regime.


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