SWINE – Resistance is inevitable

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been busy with yet another new job, planning my wedding and honeymoon. But I’m back, and whilst idly flicking through Vegan Life Magazine, I saw that Viva! have finally completed their short movie on factory pig farming, SWINE

There isn’t too much to say on the matter, the movie speaks for itself. Factory farming is cruel, destructive and dangerous to all living beings and our planet. The tagline – resistance is inevitable – is hugely poignant. My (new) husband is not a vegan and, on occasion, will eat meat and dairy products. I am okay with this, I believe going vegan is a choice and I will not force my opinion onto anyone. However, after watching the dangers of MRSA and the new strain, MCR1, being so profound in pig products; I will be asking my husband to review the information and consider eliminating pork products from his diet.

If you have not yet seen the short film, then please click play below. Let me know how it makes you feel watching this. If you have seen it, please tell me your feelings too.

Whatever your emotion on this, let’s end their suffering now. The result is nothing but positive to us all.

Find out more on Viva! and their work on their website and follow them on Twitter.


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