Blueberry and Chia Seed Jam

Green Vegans

My breakfast normally consists of marmite on toast on a weekday. Pretty boring, isn’t it? I do like jam but it’s always so overly sweet that it gives me mouth ulcers. After acquiring a large amount of chia seeds and some heavily reduced blueberries, I thought I’d attempt my own jam.   Continue reading


Skincere Night Cream

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how using products with gluten, dairy, preservatives, and other nasties is just as harmful to your body as ingesting them. I make a few of my own products and there’s been a real improvement in my skin: plumper, softer, brighter and clearer, but making products, although enjoyable, is time consuming and can be expensive. So when Holland and Barrett plopped Skincere Night Cream on my doormat to try, I was very optimistic. Continue reading

Fundraising for Glasgow Women’s Aid

A little bit off-topic this week however, this blog is all about living compassionately so the theme is the same. I have signed up to do a sponsored abseil in Glasgow to raise money for Glasgow Women’s Aid – a charity that supports and offers refuge to women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse.  Continue reading


I was directed to this via Facebook and I feel it makes some fantastic points. We can also speak up about more than one cause and I, for one, do exactly that.

We choose our battles, yes, and this is ours.


When promoting veganism, I regularly hear the argument that human issues are more important.

Sometimes it’s implied that humans would starve without eating animals, and so we must kill and eat them. I make no moral judgements about people who would otherwise go hungry if they did not eat animal products, but it is disingenuous for us, here in the western world, to claim that we could not make do with an alternative food source. We have plenty of things we could eat that didn’t once have dreams.

If I were marooned on a desert island, and the only option was to hunt and kill for food, I do not claim that I would stick to my vegan principles in such desperate times. But I am not marooned on a desert island.

If a building were on fire, and I had to save either a human or a cow, I…

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