Love our planet this Valentine’s Day

2016 is most definitely the year for love. Well, for me anyway as come August, I will have a husband and become a wife! (I have requested my spouse wear a faux fur sporran on the big day). Valentine’s Day is also fast approaching us and WWF alerted me to the Climate Coalition‘s For The Love Of… campaign.  Continue reading


Juicing Obsession

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely festive season, I must have been on the good list this year as I received a Nutri-Ninja from that jolly old man in red. I am totally in love with this machine. Continue reading

Review: B. Stunning Eye Shimmer

I know, I know, I KNOW! I’ve been away for a long while. For that, I apologise, I started a new job working for a charity called Deafblind Scotland andI had to let the blog sit for a while but Green Vegans is back in my routine now so let’s do this!

So I was shopping the other week for a new foundation as I wasn’t keen on the Barry M and as you know, we have to think carefully about the brands we used. I had a look over at the B. range in the health and beauty store I have to come to depend on, Superdrug.I was quite surprised to be given a free gift for buying a B. product and was handed a B. Stunning Eye Shimmer in Golden Sand 97. Continue reading

Save our wind farms from the Tories

Tories aren’t making a great start in Government, what with destroying the countries NHS and repealing the fox hunting ban. Well now there’s talk of them pulling the existing subsidy scheme for onshore wind power a year early.  Continue reading

France’s supermarket battle to combat hunger

It’s been long documented that supermarkets throw out an abundance of unspoiled food so us ethical folk were over the moon to hear that France has now demanded that this food is passed to charities in a bid to combat hunger from poverty and waste. I now pose the question of whether this can be rolled out to the whole of the EU; surely we could all benefit from this? Continue reading