Blueberry and Chia Seed Jam

Green Vegans

My breakfast normally consists of marmite on toast on a weekday. Pretty boring, isn’t it? I do like jam but it’s always so overly sweet that it gives me mouth ulcers. After acquiring a large amount of chia seeds and some heavily reduced blueberries, I thought I’d attempt my own jam.   Continue reading


France’s supermarket battle to combat hunger

It’s been long documented that supermarkets throw out an abundance of unspoiled food so us ethical folk were over the moon to hear that France has now demanded that this food is passed to charities in a bid to combat hunger from poverty and waste. I now pose the question of whether this can be rolled out to the whole of the EU; surely we could all benefit from this? Continue reading

Review: Handmade Burger Co

So my other half and I took an impromptu afternoon out over the weekend and inevitably, our tummies started to rumble so we searched for somewhere to eat. We approached a rather classy looking restaurant and I saw it was the Handmade Burger Co. What attracted me instantly was the fact that vegans had a CHOICE here. So a table for two was grabbed straight away. Continue reading

Tackle childhood obesity with a vegan diet, says The Vegan Society

Obesity is fast becoming a serious issue in the UK although it isn’t exactly new information. People are implying convenience food is more, well, convenient, cheaper and quicker however I do contest that. With a bit of planning, I make my own “convenience” food. You can make up some spicy bean burgers in about 15 minutes and then freeze them, meaning I can grab something quick when I get home from work. It also costs more for a bag of frozen chips than a bag of frozen peas these days so I don’t believe the financial excuse either. So it’s great to see The Vegan Society are currently pushing the idea that a vegan diet is suitable for children and can also help tackle the shocking childhood obesity epidemic. Continue reading

Chicken(less) Salad Sandwich

I’m always trying to find interesting lunches to take to work and I made this by accident. I was attempting to make an eggless salad sandwich with tofu but when I took to a bite into, I was pleasantly surprised that it had a chewy texture and was really flavoursome. It was so nice that I had an urge to share it with you. Continue reading