SWINE – Resistance is inevitable

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been busy with yet another new job, planning my wedding and honeymoon. But I’m back, and whilst idly flicking through Vegan Life Magazine, I saw that Viva! have finally completed their short movie on factory pig farming, SWINEContinue reading


Sun Awareness Week

Ironically enough, it’s sun awareness week (May 4th-10th) so what greater weather to highlight the damages we face from the sun than grey skies and cold rain! Brilliant.

Although our great British weather comes as no surprise, what has shocked me is the results of the recent survey by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) who revealed 96% of Britons (1000 surveyed) don’t check for signs of skin cancer once a month and 77% would not know what to look for. I am a bit over zealous in my routine and leapt into my surgery when I noticed a small mole on my tummy. I may have been a bit over keen but better safe than sorry. Continue reading

Tackle childhood obesity with a vegan diet, says The Vegan Society

Obesity is fast becoming a serious issue in the UK although it isn’t exactly new information. People are implying convenience food is more, well, convenient, cheaper and quicker however I do contest that. With a bit of planning, I make my own “convenience” food. You can make up some spicy bean burgers in about 15 minutes and then freeze them, meaning I can grab something quick when I get home from work. It also costs more for a bag of frozen chips than a bag of frozen peas these days so I don’t believe the financial excuse either. So it’s great to see The Vegan Society are currently pushing the idea that a vegan diet is suitable for children and can also help tackle the shocking childhood obesity epidemic. Continue reading

The impact of fish as a food source

It is fairly well known in nutrition that fish provides the body with a good dose omega oils however, it’s important to think about the impact that fish consumption has on your health? With the amount of pollution being pumped into our oceans we should really take notice of the fact that this food source is not recommended for the young and pregnant women. So should we really be eating it? Continue reading