SWINE – Resistance is inevitable

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been busy with yet another new job, planning my wedding and honeymoon. But I’m back, and whilst idly flicking through Vegan Life Magazine, I saw that Viva! have finally completed their short movie on factory pig farming, SWINEContinue reading


Christmas Movies with a Vegan Edge

I decided to spend part of my Boxing Day clearing out my inbox. It wasn’t as untidy as my wardrobe but pretty close. Anyway, I cam across a Christmas Email from The Vegan Society listing films with a subtle nod to veganism. Continue reading

Lee Kern – funny vegan of the week

Came across this on my news feed this morning and found it rather amusing. My whole life, I’ve had to answer the stupid questions addressed here by Lee Kern on Huffington Post and I’m sure you will relate to. So for a bit of light relief from the devastating news hitting the headlines at the moment, indulge in some writings about us, the vegan wankers! Continue reading